How to Repair Water-Damaged Particle Board Cabinets? 7 Steps

Repair Water-Damaged Particle Board Cabinets

Due to their affordability and versatility, particle boards can be a common choice for homeowners in making lightweight furniture or kitchen cabinets. However, it can be easily damaged or swollen when in contact with water. Particle board is made from wood particles that are bonded together with resin. When in contact with water, the particles … Read more

How to remove kitchen cabinets no screws? Simple steps

How to remove kitchen cabinets no screws

kitchen cabinets are typically installed by using screws but if your cabinets have no screws then removing kitchen cabinets without visible screws can be tricky. Normally, this happens when the homeowner does not find wall studs to secure cabinets. In this situation, they install wall cabinets without studs by using adhesive, a rail hanging system, … Read more