How To Fix Peeling Laminate Cabinets?

Laminate cabinets are commonly used in our kitchens and storage area because of their durability and aesthetic appearance. However, with time this cabinet starts warping and peeling its laminate surface due to moisture and overheating. In this article, we will show you how to fix peeling laminate cabinets?

Laminate is a synthetic material made by pressing multiple layers of resin-infused paper together is used to give your cabinets a protective and decorative layer.

This laminate layer makes it more resistant to heat, moisture, and scratches. However, it is still susceptible to warping in the future. This warping and peeling of laminate cabinets affects both the functionality and appearance of cabinets.

By addressing this peeling and warped issue of your cabinet you can restore its functionality and appearance. In this article, we will show you step by step guide to fix peeling laminate cabinet.

Causes of peeling laminate cabinets

Before addressing the problem or issue it is essential to find out the main cause of peeling cabinet. There are some common causes of peeling laminate cabinets:

Moisture Exposure: If cabinets are placed in an area that is near any tap such as in the kitchen then this water and moisture cause the laminate to lose its adhesive and peel out.

Excessive Heat: High temperatures also cause the laminate layer to peel out or warp due to the melting of laminate glue or adhesive in cabinets.

Poor Quality Laminate: If the material used in cabinets or laminate layers used is of low quality then it can also be a cause of peeling laminate cabinet.

Aging and Wear: With the passage of time the material due to regular use gets older and warped which also damages its functionality and appearance.

Types of laminate peeling damage:

The laminate cabinets may be warped and the laminate layer may peel from different points at your cabinets and the area of damage may also differ. According to the area of laminate peeling, there are two types of laminate peeling damage:

Edge Peeling:

It is the type of pailing that affects the edges of cabinets. In this type of peeling the top laminate layer starts to separate from the underlying part and create a gap between the top layer and the underlying surface.

This type of laminate damage is not severe and it can be addressed without removing the laminate layer from the cabinet by only applying the laminate adhesive or glue to it and then applying some weight to it.

Surface Delamination:

Surface delamination also known as core peeling is a severe type of laminate peeling. In this type of damage, the layer within the laminate starts to form bubbles and separate. Unlike edge peeling it occurs within the laminate body and is not visible from the surface.

This type of damage can be addressed by removing the affected laminate layer and replacing it with a new one by applying the adhesive material and applying some weight.

Step-by-Step Guide

The warping and peeling of your laminate cabinet can be fixed easily if you use the appropriate method with proper guidance. Here we will show you a step-by-step guide to fix your laminate layer to your cabinet or fix your peeling laminate cabinet:

Required Material:

  • Screwdriver to unscrew the nuts and hinges to remove the cabinet door for easy access to the affected area if needed.
  • Utility Knife To remove the loose laminate edges from the cabinet which are damaged.
  • Wood glue or Contact Cement to join or re-attach the laminate layer to your cabinet.
  • Clamps are used to hold the laminate layer after attaching it to the cabinet for some time for proper attachment.
  • Clean cloth or sponge to make the area clean after sanding and before applying contact cement.
  • Sandpaper to smoothen the surface before applying the laminate layer.

Remove cabinet doors and peeling laminate:

The first step to fix the peeling laminate cabinet after accessing the cause and the area is to make your work easier by removing all things that may be hurdles for you in your work such as the door if required. After that access the area which is peeling.

If the peeling area is larger than the remaining part then remove the peeling laminate surface with the help of a utility knife to change it with the new one but if the area is small then it can be fixed by applying the next steps below.

Clean and Sand the Surface:

Now the 2nd step is to clean and sand the surface to remove any debris and waste glue from the cabinet. Use medium-grit sandpaper to sand the warped area. Sand the surface in a grain direction to even the surface of the cabinet.

After sanding the surface remove all the dust and debris from the cabinet with the help of a clean cloth and sponge. It will prepare the surface for applying contact cement or adhesive glue on it.

Apply Contact Cement:

After cleaning and sanding the surface the next step is to apply contact cement and laminate adhesive on the cabinet to attach the laminate layer. For this purpose firstly apply a thin layer of contact cement and laminate adhesive on the laminate layer and then on the cabinet surface.

Settle the glue with any brush evenly throughout the surface. Now give it some time (not too much to dry the glue) to settle down evenly before attaching the laminate layer to the cabinet.

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Reattach and trim excess Laminate:

After you have applied the glue place the laminate layer back to its position to re-attach it with the cabinet. Press the laminate on the cabinet gently and smoothly to remove any space or bubbles if occur. Remove all the excessive glue from the surface.

Now if you have any extra laminate trim it to remove the excessive part of it and level the laminate. You can also use sandpaper to make your surface smooth.

Once the laminate is fixed to the surface and you saw any warped parts in it then you can use clamps to fix the peeling of your laminate cabinet.

Apply the clamps on both sides to fix the layers firmly. You can also apply some weight such as sandbags or a stack of books to fix this warped or peeling laminate cabinet. Now Set it for some time to settle perfectly (Maybe 3-4 hours) according to need.

Reinstall the Cabinet Door:

Now the last step is to re-install all the hinges to re-attach the cabinet door and give it a finishing touch. Using a screwdriver attach the door to the cabinet. Tighten the nuts and screws. If your cabinet has any shelves then set those shelves also in the cabinet.

Check the smooth closing and opening of your cabinet. Now if you need any extra makeup such as painting you can apply the paint of your choice to give it an aesthetic look.

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How to fix warped laminate cabinets?

To fix warped laminate cabinets apply a damp cloth or sponge to the concave side. Place some heavy weight on the warped area to flatten the laminate. Apply heat by using a heat gun or steam iron on the convex side of the warped laminate cabinet. Place a flat and heavy object on it to flat warped area.

Can peeling laminate cabinets be repaired?

Yes, peeling laminate cabinets can be repaired. If your laminate is peeled from a corner then you can fix it by just applying laminate glue to it without removing the laminate sheet. However, if a large area is peeled out then first remove the peeled laminate and then apply contact cement and fix the new laminate sheet.

Best glue for kitchen cabinets laminate?

The most effective and best glue for kitchen cabinets laminate is Contact Cement. Contact cement is an adhesive commonly used for laminate, wood, formica, metal, and plastic. Contact cement comes in liquid form and has to apply on both sides.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive is also effective for laminate cabinets suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


Laminate cabinets gave an aesthetic look to your kitchen and storage area and due to their durability also function significantly. But if your laminate cabinets are peeled then it affects both the functionality and appearance of your cabinet.

Addressing this problem is not a challenging task if you have a proper guideline to do your work. In this article, we have shown you a step by step guidance to address this problem. By following all these steps you can get rid of your problems relating to peeling laminate cabinets easily.

Our priority is to solve your problems and give you a comfort level. I hope this article will be helpful to solve your problems. Thank You.

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