How to Install Garage Cabinets off Floor?

Cabinets are essential storage solutions for arranging our garage. The choice of cabinet has a great impact on the functionality and aesthetic of your garage. Cabinets should be chosen keeping in view the storage capacity of the garage.

If you want to be well organized with your belongings in the garage and keep them safe while considering the maximum storage in your garage, then there is a solution. You can install garage cabinets off floor so that you can easily keep your equipment and belongings safe and sound.

Now there arises a question that how to install garage cabinets off floor. Why do we install garage cabinets off floor? Off-floor cabinets are the best storage solution which gives a more organized appearance and makes it easier to clean the floor of your garage. This article will help you to easily install these cabinets.

Why do we Install garage cabinets off Floor?

We use the garage cabinets off the floor for several reasons :

  • Optimizing the garage space by managing all necessary tools and belongings in cabinets.
  • Easy access to tools is achieved with these off-floor cabinets. You can easily receive the items without bending down.
  • Safety and protection of belongings are achieved. You can protect your belongings from moisture and pests on the floor because of off-floor cabinets.
  • Maintain vehicles and their functionality by managing equipment in cabinets and creating a considerable area for your parking. In this way, you can protect your vehicles from damage or scratching
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance are done with off-floor cabinets. These cabinets are at some height ( 6-12 inches) from the floor so you can easily clean the floor of the garage.

Types Of Off floor Cabinets:

There are many types of Off Floor Garage Cabinets but it is only helpful for you if you not have bought cabinets for your garage. However, if you have bought then go ahead without wasting your time.

I have explained briefly only two types of floor cabinets that you can install easily with the same procedure in your garage. They only differ in Height. These are:

Wall Mounted off Floor Cabinets :

These cabinets are also referred to as wall-mounted storage units. These are mounted at the wall at some height from the floor so you can easily access the equipment without bending down. So these are the best options for your garage.

Overhead Off-Floor Cabinets:

These are the cabinets that are mounted overhead in your garage so that the space on the floor can be maximized. With the help of these cabinets, you can create large areas for parking your vehicles.

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Installation Of Garage Cabinets Off Floor:

If you have a little bit of knowledge about installation and know how to use tools then I hope you can install the off-floor cabinets without damaging them. I have explained all the steps in this guide to help you do it without damage.

I know it will take your time but you will read the whole guide because you don’t want to waste your time installing them poorly or damage the cabinets accidentally. Keep reading and follow the step-by-step guide.

Necessary Tools and Material:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Cabinets that suit your needs
  • Wall studs or Ledger board to secure cabinets on the wall
  • Level to check cabinets’ straightness
  • Dril and Drill Diver
  • Screws
  • Pencil to mark the exact location for your brackets and ledger

Measure and Plane:

The next step after gathering the required material and tools is the measurement and planning for installing the cabinets. Start by measuring the available space in the garage and consider any obstacles such as any plumbing pipes, wires, and windows and doors.

Now measure the dimensions of your cabinets such as width length and depth. According to these measurements mark the location on your wall where you want to attach these cabinets. Double-check your measurement for accuracy.

Install Wall Studs And Ledger Board:

The next step is the installation of ledger boards or studs according to your mark on the wall. These studs are the wooden framework that gives stability and provides support to your cabinets.

Use the level to mark a straight horizontal line on the wall for the lower edge of your cabinets. Install the ledger board to this line to provide support to the base of cabinets and keep them off the floor.

Now if you are installing wall-mounted cabinets you will install the ledger board (6-12 cm) above the floor and if you are installing overhead cabinets you can install the ledger according to your height or need.

Lifting and Leveling The Cabinets:

Now the next step is lifting your cabinets with the help of your friend if you don’t have a lifting machine so that you can easily fix your cabinets. There will be holes at the backside of your cabinets to attach them to the wall but if you don’t have use the drill to make holes.

Always consider the size of your screws while drilling holes. It will prevent your cabinets from splitting when you attach them to the wall. Before attachment of these cabinets use the level to check the straightness of your cabinets vertically and horizontally.

Attach The Cabinets:

Now Hold your cabinets against the wall at a desired height according to the mark on the wall. Use a stud finder to find the exact location of wall studs behind the cabinets. Fix the screws in your cabinets to attach them to the wall.

Always keep in mind that the screw must not be too loose as it can’t attach cabinets perfectly and must not be too tight as it can damage the surface of your cabinets. If your cabinets have legs you can attach them at the base of your cabinets as in wall-mounted off-floor cabinets.

Now if you have multiple cabinets you can fix them together for more secure installation on the wall. Use screws and brackets to attach the adjacent cabinets to each other. Attach them in the same way as we have already done.

Finishing Touches:

As the installation of the garage off-floor cabinets is done now it’s time to give a finishing touch to your off-floor cabinets. If you think that the cabinets are not tightly attached to the wall use additional steps such as wall anchors and any other additional support to fix cabinets.

Gently test the stability of your cabinets by applying the slightest pressure on your cabinets to ensure that they are now tightly fixed to the wall.

Remove any dust from your cabinets if there is. You can also use shelves and partitions to make divisions in your cabinets. You can also label the cabinets for easy and quick identification of your tools and equipment.

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Safety Tips:

Always consider these safety tips for the successful and safe installation of your garage cabinets off the floor;

  • Goggle and safety gloves: Always use safety glasses and gloves during installation.
  • Weight Capacity: Check the weight capacity of your walls to see whether they can hold the weight of cabinets.
  • Electrical wiring: Be cautious of any electrical wiring behind the walls.
  • Mounting hardware: Use appropriate mounting hardware such as screws and bolts which the manufacturer recommends. Avoid using inadequate mounted hardware.
  • Clearance and Accessibility: To Avoid Any Obstacles in your installation clear the area before starting your work. Also, ensure that you have easy access to the required equipment and tools.
  • Professional Assistance: For the best installation of garage cabinets off the floor it is suggested to have a professional assistant for your help. But if you want to do it by yourself, always consider the manufacturer’s instructions.


How to install upper cabinets away from wall?

The easiest way to install your upper cabinets away from the wall is to place a ledger board or wooden stud on the wall behind the cabinets. After setting the ledger board on the wall drill screws from the pre-drill holes in the cabinets to the ledger board.

How high should a cabinet be above a workbench?

The standard height of a cabinet above a workbench is 18-24 inches (45-60cm) above the workbench. However, it varies with your height so that you can access the upper cabinets easily. You can install the upper cabinets 1-2 inches above your head.

How to hang a heavy cabinet on the wall?

The best method is to hang a heavy cabinet on the wall to use appropriate mounting hardware which can bear the heavy weight such as screws and bolts with anchors in the wall which are recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid using inadequate mounted hardware.


Often our garage has limited space so there is always a need to manage all of our equipment and belongings in a garage in a well-mannered way so that you can create maximum space for your working or parking in the garage.

Installation of garage cabinets off-floor is the best way to achieve our goal. These off-floor cabinets not only provide enough space but also give an aesthetic look to your garage. With the safe installation of these off-floor cabinets, you can keep your belongings safe and sound.

Always do your installation step by step as each step is necessary. If any one of these steps is missed the proper installation cannot be achieved. Also, keep in mind the precautionary measures while doing all of these steps, As safety should be our first priority.

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