Standard Corner Wall Cabinet Dimensions

Many homeowners are facing space issues in their kitchens, but if you utilize the corner space aesthetically, you can get rid of it and increase storage space. Corner wall cabinets are a clever solution to make the most out of often underutilized corners.

The Corner Wall Cabinet Dimensions play a crucial role in determining how effectively you can use these corners to enhance the aesthetics of a room. If you have the correct dimensions then you can install corner wall cabinets for achieving the perfect fit and functionality in your space.

Corner wall cabinet dimensions can vary with your requirements but according to some standard dimensions, most of the companies are making cabinets. In this guide, I will explain some corner wall cabinet types and their dimensions. Ready to dive into it?

Standard Corner Wall Cabinet Dimensions

The dimensions of corner wall cabinets can vary depending on the manufacturer, region, and also your need. But there are standard dimensions that most of the manufacturers prefer to build most of their corner wall cabinets.

The standard height for corner wall cabinets in kitchens is commonly 30 inches (76 cm). The height can vary based on factors such as kitchen design preferences, ceiling height, and increased storage space inside the cabinet.

The standard width of a corner wall cabinet is 24 inches (61cm) and the standard depth of a corner wall cabinet is 12 inches (30cm). This width and depth allow sufficient storage space.

Most manufacturers build corner cabinets in these standard dimensions to perfectly design and layout the kitchen, as well as the specific needs of the homeowner.

Blind Corner Wall Cabinet Dimensions

They are named “Blind” because one side of the cabinet is totally dark, which creates a blind spot. Blind cabinets are highly popular to install into the corners to utilize this space.

The first step before installation is to determine the correct dimension of the cabinet because if you do not have accurate dimensions then you are wasting your time as well money. You have viewed the dimensions in the image but I will explain them briefly.

Blind Corner Wall Cabinet Dimensions


The height of the blind wall cabinets comes in many sizes including 30″, 36″, and 42 inches. The standard height of blind wall cabinets is 30 inches (76 cm).

You can choose the best heat according to your needs. The height of blind wall cabinets varies due to several reasons including the kitchen layout, ceiling height, storage needs, customization options, and architectural limitations.


The width of the blind wall cabinets comes in a standard size of 24 inches (61cm). This width provides sufficient storage space in the kitchen.

However, the blind wall cabinets come in a width of 30 to 42 inches. But this width makes it difficult to access things from blind cabinets. If you want this width then must install Pull-Out Shelves or Swing-Out Shelves.


The ideal depth for a blind wall cabinet is 12 inches (30cm). Like other dimensions, it also comes in 24 inches (61cm) depth.

Diagonal Corner Wall Cabinet Dimensions

Diagonal corner wall cabinets are very famous for fitting in wall corners to enhance storage in the kitchen. They are popular in English countries. The dimensions of diagonal corner wall cabinets are as follows:

Diagonal corner wall cabinet dimensions


Like blind cabinets, diagonal corner wall cabinets also come in various heights including 30″, 36″ and 42 inches. The height of wall cabinets is not fixed like the height of base cabinets. The height of wall cabinets is dependent on the availability of space and kitchen layout.

If you have sufficient space and need more room inside cabinets, then you can go with 36 to 42 inches high wall cabinets. It’s your choice to prefer one of them.


The standard width of diagonal wall cabinets is 24 inches (61cm). However, diagonal wall cabinets are also available in 30 and 36 inches width for more space inside cabinets.

I recommend you go with 24 inches width because the width of 30 to 36 inches makes it difficult to easily access the whole interior of the cabinet.

However, if you want more space inside cabinets then go with the Lazy Susan cabinet which provides you a circular tray that makes it easy to access things from the cabinet.


The depth of a diagonal wall cabinet is standard 12 inches (31cm). There is no need to increase the depth of a diagonal cabinet. Almost all the diagonal cabinets come with 12 inches depth. Diagonal cabinets have an angled door that opens to provide access to the interior.

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Lazy Susan Wall Cabinet Dimensions

The main difference between diagonal and lazy Susan wall cabinets is only a rotating organizer or tray which provides easy access to the items. No more digging through piles or shuffling things around to find what you need.

Lazy Susan Wall Cabinet Dimensions


The height of Lazy Susan wall cabinets varies with the homeowner’s requirements. You can go with height according to your needs. The Lazy Susan wall cabinets are available in 30″, 36′, and 42 inches. You can manage the height to fit it in your space.


The width determination of Lazy Susan wall cabinets needs accuracy because if the dimensions are not accurate then the organizer or tray will not rotate perfectly.

For example, for a 28×28 inches organizer or tray, the width of the cabinet must be 30 inches (76.2cm). For a 32×32 inches organizer, the width must be 34 to 36 inches for ample rotation of the organizer.


The depth of 22 inches (55.8cm) will allow perfect rotation for a 28×28 inches organizer or tray. However, if you have a 24-inch organizer then you can also install it into these dimensions.

For a 32×32-inch organizer, a depth of around 22 to 24 inches should be considered to provide ample space for the tray to rotate while allowing for easy access to stored items.

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Final Thought

The idea of utilizing corner space by installing corner cabinets is a really smart idea but it also needs smartness to determine accurate dimensions for the perfect installation.

After reading many articles and calculating other dimensions I have explained all the standard dimensions of the corner wall cabinets to help you in this regard.

However, if you need more help with the dimensions of the cabinets then ask us by leaving a comment in the comment section. We will do our best to help you to determine the perfect dimensions of your cabinets Thanks!

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