5 Best Countertops That Go Well With Hickory Cabinets

When designing a kitchen, the first thought is about the color and material of the countertop that goes well with Hickory cabinets. The hickory cabinets enrich the furnished look of the kitchen if you choose the color and countertop material flawlessly.

When it comes to choosing the countertop for hickory cabinets, 5 Best Countertops that go well with Hickory Cabinets and never go out of style are Quartz, Granite, Butcher Block, Soapstone, and Ceramic tile Countertops.

The color of the countertop varies with the homeowner’s choice but a color that creates an elegant and timeless look when paired with hickory cabinets is Black or Gray Quartz Countertop. The deep richness of the hickory cabinets will stand out against the black countertop, creating a bold and modern appearance.

Best Countertop Color For Hickory Cabinets

Hickory cabinets are known for their unique grain patterns, warm tones, and inherent strength. To give a furnished look to the hickory cabinets, must pick the colors of countertops that complement the unique characteristics of hickory rather than overpowering them.

For Natural tone: If you want to enhance the natural warmth of the hickory cabinets, light-colored countertops, such as creamy whites or soft beige provide a clean and open feel to the kitchen.

For Bold Contrast: The contrast between the dark countertop and hickory cabinets gives a bold and beautiful look. If you want this look, consider dark countertops like deep gray or black that go well with hickory cabinets.

For Warm Earth Tones: To enhance the rustic charm of hickory cabinets, earth-toned countertops, like rich browns or muted greens can create an elegant and timeless look when paired with hickory cabinets.

Best Countertop Material For Hickory Cabinets

Best Countertop Material For Hickory Cabinets

I am sure, like other homeowners, you also know about some highly popular countertop materials and you have to decide on one of them. But there is a problem, not all the countertops are acceptable for all the cabinets.

For example, if you are going to choose a marble countertop after seeing its popularity, then you are by mistake because going with a marble countertop with hickory cabinets, the kitchen would appear unnecessarily loud.

Choosing a countertop for hickory cabinets becomes more difficult due to the distinctive and strong character of hickory wood. But there are some options for the countertops that go well with hickory cabinets and never go out of style.


Quartz and Granite both are kitchen countertops that can be used as an alternative to marble countertops. Quartz countertops are highly popular due to their Durability, Versatility or Design Flexibility, strength, Heat resistance, and also affordable.

If you want to install a countertop with hickory cabinets then a Quartz countertop is a great option. Quartz countertops come in various colors which helps you to pair countertops with hickory cabinets depending on the color and texture of your hickory cabinets.

Moreover, Quartz countertops have non-porous surfaces which means they need low maintenance and are easy to clean with just mild soap and water.


The granite countertops can perfectly pair with Hickory countertops because the diversity of granite colors and patterns allows homeowners to choose a countertop that matches their personal style and complements Hickory cabinets.

If you have a busy kitchen then a granite countertop can give you an extra favor due to its durability and resistance to scratches. Granite countertops are slightly less expensive than quartz countertops.


Soapstone countertops usually come in a gray color that complements nicely with the warm tones of hickory cabinets. The dark countertop and light hickory cabinets provide a distinctive and appealing look to the kitchen.

Soapstone countertops are known for their durability, heat resistance, and natural beauty. They are not scratch-resistant, but if scratched, they can be sanded to get a new look.

Soapstone countertops slowly darken over time, developing a rich patina that will beautifully contrast with the light hickory cabinets. This adds depth and character to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Butcher Block

Best Countertop Material For Hickory Cabinets
Image Credit: Country mouldings

A butcher block countertop paired with hickory cabinets lends a warm and inviting ambiance to the kitchen. The natural grain and warmth of the hickory cabinets blend with the earthy, organic appeal of the butcher block surface.

Unfortunately, Butcher block countertops are less durable, and need more maintenance than other countertops. You’ll need to regularly oil them. This helps prevent the wood from drying out, cracking, or absorbing moisture.

Ceramic Tiles

The ceramic tiles are a perfect choice for open and modern kitchens. They are less expensive than others. Ceramic tiles are in many patterns and structures, you can choose the best one from them to complement your hickory cabinets.

Ceramic tiles are less durable, heavy objects can easily damage the tiles and compromise the overall look but you can replace them with a new one.

Grout lines can accumulate dirt, moisture, and food particles, leading to mold and bacteria growth. Over time, the grout can wear down, leading to an unsightly appearance and potential water damage to the underlying structure.

What flooring goes with hickory cabinets?

Hickory cabinets pair beautifully with various flooring options. Neutral-colored tile flooring, like beige or soft gray, offers a timeless backdrop. Laminate or luxury vinyl plank with wood-like designs provide budget-friendly alternatives.

Dark hardwood floors can offer a striking contrast. Cork or bamboo flooring introduces unique textures and sustainable choices.

What color cabinets go with hickory floors?

Hickory floors pair well with neutral cabinet tones like soft white or light gray for a balanced look. Earthy hues, such as muted greens or warm beiges, blend with the wood’s warmth.

For contrast, consider dark cabinets like espresso or charcoal, or opt for pastels for a subtle touch of color. When selecting cabinet colors, factor in your kitchen’s lighting and overall style to strike the perfect balance between enhancing your hickory floors.

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Final Thought

In crafting the perfect kitchen, the choice of countertops to complement hickory cabinets is crucial. Natural stone options like granite or quartz with warm undertones, enhance the wood’s rich hues. Butcher block surfaces create a rustic appeal, while solid surface materials offer a seamless look.

Remember, the ideal choice depends on personal style and overall aesthetics. By thoughtfully pairing countertops with hickory cabinets, you’ll achieve a kitchen that exudes warmth, character, and a harmonious balance of elements.

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