Guide To Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions

Lazy Susan cabinets are indeed popular alternatives to blind corner cabinets because they provide improved accessibility and make better use of corner spaces in kitchens.

However, finding and measuring Lazy Susan cabinet dimensions can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have an existing cabinet space.

A Lazy Susan cabinet is a rotating kitchen cabinet that has a rotating organizer that provides easy access to the items by rotating it.

Here is the main point, If you have not correct Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions, the Organizer or tray will not rotate properly inside the cabinet. If you don’t want to make this mistake then I have explained all types of lazy Susan cabinets with their dimensions. Ready to install perfectly?

How To Measure Lazy Susan?

Lazy susans come in four different shapes I will help you figure out which lazy susan you need and how to measure your cabinet to ensure that you purchase the correct one.

kidney or Pie-cut shape

The process of measuring a kidney-shaped or a pie-cut lazy susan is the same. You need to measure the inside space of your corner cabinet with the doors open.

You have to take two measurements starting from the right side back wall to the inside edge of the door opening. Make sure that the measurements are the same.

If the measurements are not the same, subtract approximately two inches from this measurement which will be the maximum size lazy Susan for your cabinet.

If the measurements are not the same deduct approximately two inches from the smaller measurement of the two this will ensure that your lazy susan will have enough clearance.


For diagonal 45-degree wall and base cabinets, the d-shaped lazy susan is the perfect choice. When measuring for a d-shaped lazy Susan for use in a 45-degree angle cabinet, measure the inside space of the cabinet from the inside back of the cabinet to the side wall of the cabinet.

That is parallel to the back side of the cabinet. You can write this measurement down and then subtract two inches from that measurement.

Full Round

Full-round lazy susans are the most versatile round susans, and fit in regular cabinets, corner cabinets, and upper and lower cabinets. To measure for a full circle lazy Susan, you will need to measure the inside space of the cabinet from left to right and from front to back.

Go ahead and write those measurements down. Take the smaller measurement of the two then subtract one or two inches from that measurement and order the lazy susan that is closest to that size.

Most lazy susans have a telescoping pole that will fit interior cabinet heights ranging from 26 to 31 inches. So be sure to double-check that info under the product description before buying.

Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Dimensions

Lazy Susan cabinets not only provide extra space but also make it easy to access things, which is difficult in blind cabinets. The Lazy Susan cabinet has a rotating shelf or organizer attached to a rotating base. The spinning shelves can rotate 360 degrees to provide easy access.

The width determination of Lazy Susan wall cabinets needs accuracy because if the dimensions are not accurate then the organizer or tray will not rotate perfectly.

For example, for a 28×28-inch organizer or tray, the width of the cabinet must be 30 inches (76.2cm). For a 32×32-inch organizer, the width must be 34 to 36 inches for ample rotation of the organizer.

For a 32×32-inch organizer, a depth of around 22 to 24 inches should be considered to provide ample space for the tray to rotate while allowing for easy access to stored items.

24-Inch Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions

24-Inch Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions

A 24-inch Lazy Susan cabinet is a perfect choice if you want a small standard-size corner cabinet. Kidney and Pie-cut-shaped susans are best for these small lazy Susan cabinets.

It is called a 24-inch Lazy Susan cabinet because of its 24-inch (61cm) diameter and radius of 12 inches(31cm). That means it needs a minimum of 26 (66cm) inches of clearance to rotate the organizer or tray inside the cabinet smoothly.

The 24-inch Lazy Susan Cabinet is a small standard-size cabinet that’s why you can add two-shelf lazy Susans. So the height of two-shelf lazy Susans will be 24 inches which means you need 24-inch height clearance inside the cabinet.

So the full height of the cabinet will be 26 inches (66cm). A 24-inch Lazy Susan cabinet has both a depth and width of 24 inches (61cm).

33-Inch Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions

33-Inch Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions

A 33-inch Lazy Susan cabinet provides more space than 24-inch cabinets but they are not a popular choice because they also have only two-shelf lazy Susans.

So if you want more than 2 shelves then go with a 36-inch which comes with 3 shelf Lazy Susans. It can provide you an extra storage in your kitchen corner.

A 33-inch Lazy Susan cabinet has a standard base cabinet height of 34.5 inches (87cm). You can easily install 2 shelves in it. The width of a 24-inch lazy Susan cabinet must be 33 to 36 inches (84-91cm). The depth is the same 24 inches (61cm).

36-Inch Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions

36-Inch Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions

Last but not least, a 36-inch Lazy Susan cabinet is a popular choice due to its storage capacity. If you want more storage and also want to organize the corner space aesthetically then that’s the best choice. You can get all the benefits in this single cabinet.

36-Inch Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions are quite different from other cabinets. The height of this cabinet is 34.5 inches (87cm) but the width of 36 inches (91cm) and the depth of only 18 inches (46cm).

These lazy Susan cabinet dimensions give much clearance for rotating shelves to rotate smoothly inside the cabinet. Moreover, the 3 shelves of the 36-inch Lazy Susan cabinet provide you with much storage that helps you to organize it perfectly.

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Final Thought

The accurate Lazy Susan cabinet dimensions are as crucial as money for making cabinets. To save your money and time, must find the accurate lazy Susan dimensions because the rotation of the rotating shelves will be affected if the dimensions are not perfect.

I hope you will install lazy Susan cabinets perfectly with the help of the dimensions that I have explained. Read the guide carefully and install Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions accordingly. GOOD LUCK!

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