How To Adjust IKEA Cabinet Hinges? Simple and Easy

The IKEA hinge adjustment ability makes it a great choice to use on cabinet doors. Over time, if your cabinet doors misalign, you can adjust them easily by Adjusting IKEA cabinet hinges.

The cabinet doors don’t always align perfectly without regularly adjusting the IKEA cabinet door hinges. IKEA cabinet door hinge adjustment can be done in 3 simple ways that I have explained below. It will be done in 10-15 minutes without any cost.

However, if you get some professional help, It may cost around 5-7 dollars to do this 10-minute work. So save your money and do this 10-minute work without any professional help by reading this guide How to adjust IKEA cabinet hinges perfectly.

Tighten Loose Mounting Screws

If your cabinet doors are loose, it can be done by tightening the mounting screws. There will be 2 vertical screws on the cupboard, tight them as you can.

After that, you will find 4 screws on the cabinet door. Two of them will be in oval shape, these screws are for adjusting the cabinet door up and down. Now tight the other 2 screws of the hinge.

After tightening the all screws, your cabinet door will be tight again. But it can be misaligned, if yours is also then it’s time to adjust the cabinet hinge.

Up and Down IKEA Hinge Adjustment

If your cabinet door is too low from the bottom panel or too high from the top panel of the cabinet, you have to adjust your IKEA cabinet hinge up or down.

You will find two vertical screws (in the oval screw holes) on the IKEA hinge, on the side of the cabinet door. These two screws have some play for adjusting the cabinet door up and down.

Slightly loose both two screws in a clockwise direction. A slightly loose screw allows you to move the door up or down easily. After that, close the door to check how much you have to adjust the hinge.

After adjusting the hinge, tight both screws in the anti-clockwise direction. After that, close the cabinet and check the position of the cabinet door.

Side-to-Side IKEA Hinge Adjustment

Side-to-side IKEA hinge adjustment works when you feel your cabinet doors are not aligned perfectly with the neighboring cabinet doors. The two horizontal screws on the IKEA hinge are to adjust the cabinet door from side to side.

If the cabinet door seems to be tilting down to the right, turn the top hinge side-to-side adjustment screw to pull the cabinet door closer to the cabinet box.

If not then move the bottom side to side hinge screw to push the cabinet door. In this way, the door will be aligned perfectly with the neighbor cabinet doors.

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In and Out IKEA Hinge Adjustment

If you feel your closed cabinet doors are not set completely on the cabinet box. It may be caused by poor installation or the cabinet door warped due to the complex weather conditions. In this situation, the in-and-out Ikea hinge adjustment will help you to set it.

  • If you find a gap between the cabinet box and the top of the door, adjust the top hinge in an inward direction to meet the cabinet box.
  • If you find a gap between the cabinet box and the bottom of the door, adjust the bottom hinge in an inward direction to meet the cabinet box.

Check the cabinet door placement after slightly adjusting the hinge to ensure you are going right. I hope it will work but if it’s not it may caused due to warped cabinet doors.

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Final Thought

Adjusting IKEA hinges can be a challenging process but if you have an appropriate guide then you can do it easily. For doing this you just need a screwdriver and a little bit of knowledge about which screw of the IKEA hinge works for what.

All the IKEA hinges are just a little bit different from each other no matter if it is any type of UTRUSTA or BESTA. If you are smart you can do it easily.

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How To Adjust IKEA BESTA Hinges?

IKEA BESTA hinges have an oval hole with a screw which is used to up or down the door. Loose the screw and adjust the door height and tight it again. There are two horizontal screws on it, the right is used to in or out the door and the left is used to adjust the door left or right.

How to adjust IKEA UTRUSTA hinges?

For height adjustment, IKEA UTRUSTA hinges have two vertical oval hole screws. Loose the screws and up or down the door. For aligning the door, IKEA UTRUSTA hinges have two horizontal screws, loose the screw and align and tight it again.

How to adjust IKEA cabinet doors?

If your IKEA cabinet doors have IKEA hinges then they can be adjusted easily. The door can be adjusted up or down using a screw that is placed in an oval hole. Take out the screw, change the door’s height, and then tighten it again. It has two horizontal screws: the left screw adjusts the door’s left or right movement, while the right screw opens or closes the door.

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